Jack Yonover outside Willamette Theater standing next to That Bites! movie poster

Jack Yonover

Writer and Director of "That Bites!"

Hi. I’m Jack Yonover, now an 8th grader at Wilmette Junior High School. When I was eleven years old, I had the idea to make a documentary about the fears and frustrations of food allergies, and in March 2014, I launched a Kickstarter campaign. My project was fully funded within 48 hours, and I ended up raising almost twice what I hoped to raise for the project. The support and encouragement my backers have given me was even more valuable than the monetary contributions.

The goal with my feature length documentary entitled: “That Bites!” is to raise awareness about food allergies, and also raise money for this important cause.


Jack made a trailer for a film school project which turned out to be the beginnings of his movie, “That Bites!”. Many people he knew were very interested in the subject material. And after a very successful Kickstarter campaign, Jack embarked on expanding his film school idea into a full length documentary.  Watch the Kickstarter video.



In addition to “That Bites!”, Jack and his friends, Zach Oliver and Solomon Podorovsky, have been writing and filming a web series called “Gridiron Gurus” about a group of young football fans and their fantasy football group. You can watch it on YouTube.


Jack completed a video for the District 39 Educational Foundation in Wilmette, IL about the creation of beautifully functional bike racks designed by young students. The short video is called “Rack It.”


On April 16, 2105 two private screenings of That Bites! raised over $8,000 — all of which was donated to FARE.

Jack will continue to support Food Allergy Research and Education by donating $1.00 from each download (sale).

Jack Yonover speaking at FARE Annual Luncheon 2015
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 “Being new to food allergies, I had no idea how an allergy would dynamically change every minute of my life. I soon experienced tons of frustration everywhere I went realizing that the general public didn’t have a good understanding of food allergies. I decided that it was my responsibility to change that and educate the world about food allergies.” — Jack Yonover Read the article about Jack on the FARE blog.

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