Plastic disposable trays are a common container for packaging food products and ready meals. They are popular in catering establishments that have a delivery service. To produce packaging for food products, materials that are safe for humans are necessary. Polypropylene is used for this. This material is marked RR, it is used for the manufacture of disposable and reusable containers. Polypropylene belongs to food plastic and does not contain toxins and other dangerous substances.

The material is neutral, so there are no chemical reactions between it and the products. This means that the taste of your food will not change, and the packaging itself will not have food smells; this is important for reusable boxes. Polypropylene is resistant to high temperatures and can withstand heating up to 130 degrees so that it can be used in a microwave oven. This material retains its quality and flexibility at temperatures down to -20 degrees; the boxes are suitable for freezing. Polypropylene products are light, compact, and convenient for storage. That is why disposable trays and plastic catering trays are so popular.

How to Choose Disposable Plastic Containers

We can use such containers for storage and transportation of ready meals. Such disposable and plastic trays have the following advantages:

● strength and resistance to mechanical damage;

● low weight and convenient shape (it simplifies packaging and transportation);

● resistance to liquid and fat;

● you can heat it in a microwave;

● tightness: during transportation and storage, the smell will not penetrate outside.

Disposable trays have different capacities. Boxes can be transparent or matte. Thanks to this, you will see what is inside. The main factor in using disposable trays is tightness, especially if it is intended for liquid dishes. It is also important that the lid fits tightly. This will help protect the contents of the container from contamination from the outside and extend the shelf life.


Due to the flexibility of polypropylene, boxes are given various shapes during production. You can use round containers for liquid dishes, and square and rectangular containers for food storage. For complex dinners, you can choose trays divided into several compartments, so your food will not mix. Disposable plastic containers, which are popular restaurant supplies, are suitable for transporting food, and reusable ones are suitable for organizing kitchen work. Such disposable trays are reliable and easy to wash in the dishwasher, when stored they fit inside each other and do not take up much space.

Where We Can Use Disposable Trays

Catering companies, food delivery services, takeaway restaurants, and cafes use disposable trays. In everyday life, compact boxes allow you to store and sort products, pack meals for picnics, and take lunches to work or study.

We have highlighted the main advantages of plastic containers:

● Modern food plastic boxes can withstand high and low temperatures. Therefore, you can put hot dishes and frozen products in them. You can also put disposable trays in the freezer – nothing bad will happen to them.

● Plastic containers cannot be broken, so you can safely store products. During transportation, you can not worry that the container will be damaged and the dishes will become unusable.

● Some people doubt whether it is possible to heat food in a disposable tray. But it is intended for this: you buy a ready-made product or dish in a container, heat it in the microwave oven, eat it, and throw away the packaging. A convenient option not only for home but also for lunch in the office.

● Disposable containers for food are closed quite tightly, not allowing moisture and odors to pass through. Therefore, your products and dishes will be fresh and attractive.

● Disposable boxes can be not only a container but also an advertising tool: it is enough to stick a logo on them. This will help to increase the visibility of the manufacturer, store, or catering company. In this way, you can attract new customers and increase sales.

● Today, you can buy containers of various sizes and shapes – depending on your needs. For example, paper trays are another option for a plastic container that is suitable for storing all types of food.


● Transparent plastic boxes allow a good look at the contents without opening the lid and without breaking the seal of the package.

● You can use disposable containers for products, but in principle, you can hold anything in them. If you have a lot of small things that are not clear how to store, plastic containers will help organize them.

● Such disposable trays are made of high-quality food-grade plastic, which does not contain harmful substances and does not interact with products even under the influence of high temperatures. They are safe for humans and can be used for a long time.

Another important advantage of plastic boxes is their low price, which makes them available to everyone.

You can choose the best option for yourself at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies. If you hermetically seal the container, you can take it on a trip or outing to have a guaranteed snack or save on dinner at a restaurant. Budget plastic boxes are available to everyone: you can even use such disposable trays at least several times.

Disposable Trays Solve Household Problems

It is almost impossible to identify disposable plastic containers by their appearance. To order only high-quality products for your own business or private use, you should inquire whether there is a certificate for these products.

Transparent containers with a tight lid can be used to pack other dishes, salads, or confectionery. For the delivery service of Japanese dishes, you can buy containers with several divisions with a transparent lid, in which it is convenient to put not only the main dish but also seasonings.

Among the huge assortment of disposable trays at McDonald Paper & Restaurant supplies, you can choose food containers of different shapes and types.


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