That magical number 3.14, better known as Pi, draws us in on March 14th, bringing together enthusiasts from all walks of life. This particular slice of the calendar, Pi Day, is an annual opportunity for math and pastry lovers alike to revel in a delicious, flaky-crusted celebration, because there isn’t any problem a good piece of pie can’t solve.

The Essential Pi Day Toolkit: Your Perfect Bakeware Set

In order to make these dreamy pies a reality, you need the right tools. That starts with a stellar bakeware set.

Just as you can’t solve a math problem without the correct formula, you can’t bake the perfect pie without the right bakeware set. Whether you’re a pie-making rookie or a seasoned pie-throwing pro, investing in a quality bakeware set should be at the top of your Pi Day prep list.

Ideally, your kit should include a mix of pie dishes, baking sheets, mixing bowls, and a reliable rolling pin. Different pies call for different pie dishes — deep ones for fruit-filled wonders, shallower ones for custardy creations.

A metallic pie crust shield may look like an advanced geometry tool, but it’s just the ticket to prevent your edges from burning while the center cooks evenly. Baking is basically tasty, applied math!

Sweet Pies To Celebrate Pi Day

Ready for some delicious math? Let’s divide and conquer our sweet pie recipes first. And remember, the golden rule of baking applies: measure twice, bake once!

Classic Apple Pie

It’s the quintessential Americana dessert — at least, it is now. Apple pie is chock full of nostalgia and flavor. Packed with tart, sweet apples and dashes of cinnamon and nutmeg, this pie is comfort food at its best. The secret to this luscious pie is a hint of lemon zest, which adds an acidic tang to balance the sweet flavors.

With your trusty bakeware set, you’re just a few steps away from the perfect lattice top crust. Remember to bake until the filling bubbles and the crust turns a perfect golden brown. If apple pie were a number, it’d be a definite whole number — wholesome and reliably delicious.

Mixed Berry Pie

Why stick to one fruit when you can have a medley? In comes the variety offered by berry pie, a blend of sweet and tangy berries enveloped in a flaky, buttery crust. Use your favorite berries in the ratio you prefer — like fractions, the different parts all add up to one seriously delicious pie.

Chocolate Cream Pie

For those lusting for the divine deliciousness of chocolate, meet your Pi Day dream. This pie starts with a crunchy chocolate cookie crust and is filled to the brim with a creamy, velvety chocolate custard.


Top it off with some whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Remember, in the realm of chocolate cream pie, there’s no such thing as too rich or too creamy.

Savory Pies

After that sugar rush, let’s subtract the sweet and add in the savory. Here are some savory pie formulas ready to challenge your taste buds.

Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken pot pie is an age-old comfort food staple for many. This heavenly pie comes packed with tender chicken, hearty vegetables, and a creamy sauce, all tucked under a flaky pie crust. The trick to mastering this recipe lies in your bakeware set: a deep pie dish to create that perfect pie-to-filling ratio!

Spinach and Feta Pie (AKA Spanakopita)

Channel the Greek within you through this delicious mix of spinach and feta. The salty, creamy feta perfectly complements the fresh taste of spinach, yielding a pie that’s light yet satisfying. A thin, flaky phyllo dough crust is a must, so remember to keep it shielded until the last few minutes of baking to ensure an even bake.

Classic Shepherd’s Pie

This UK classic is a delicious blend of ground meat — typically lamb — simmered in a rich gravy with vegetables, topped with a creamy layer of mashed potatoes. The secret? Let the mashed potatoes get a tiny bit crunchy on top. That’s comfort food for you.

Piecing It All Together: Concluding Our Pi Day Celebration

Rolling out the dough on a perfectly floured surface, artfully layering the ingredients, and watching your pie bake to golden perfection in your oven — it’s more than baking. It’s creating edible joy. Just like the mathematical constant, pies are infinite in their diversity, bringing people together across cultures, traditions, and dietary preferences.


Whether you’re a math enthusiast, a homespun baker, or someone simply pulled in by the tantalizing smell of a warm pie, Pi Day is a delicious tradition worth investing in — and with your shiny new bakeware set at hand, you’re all set to observe this day with mathematical precision and culinary flair. Happy Pi Day!


Grandma Elle is well-known for her commitment to healthy cooking. She believes that good food should be made not only with delicious ingredients but also with sustainability in mind. Grandma Elle’s food is focused on whole grains, fresh vegetables, nutritious proteins and of course, lots of love!