Platter is a term used in the United Kingdom and some other Commonwealth countries to refer to a dish consisting of two or more items on one plate. The word platter comes from the Latin platta, meaning “flat” or “level”.

A platter is a large, flat surface that can be used as a serving dish or food presentation. It is usually made of wood and covered with metal or ceramic.

A meal or dish served on a platter is known as a platter. A platter is a main meal served on a platter with one or more side dishes, such as a salad or french fries, in restaurant lingo. The Colombian bandeja paisa, Indian thali, and Arabic mixed-meat platters are also notable platters.

What is the difference between a plate and a platter in this context?

A plate is a particular kind of dish. A dish is a container in which food is consumed or presented. A plate usually refers to a flat dish that is ideal for holding food that does not include a lot of liquid. A platter is a big serving dish that is used to serve food.

What is the meaning of Plater, one may wonder? Plater is a term used to describe someone who is a plater. 1 : a person who eats. 2a : a horse that mostly competes in plate races. b : a racehorse competing at the lowest level of competition.

So, what exactly is a gold platter?

It is very certainly the basis of the Nigerian English translation of the phrase, “on a gold platter.” Giving or handing something to someone “on a platter”—or “on a silver platter”—means giving or handing it to them very easily. It expresses the same meaning as the Nigerian English phrase “on a plate of gold.”

What are the components of hard drive platters?

As of 2015, laptop hard drive platters are composed of glass, while desktop computers use metal platters. A thin coating is formed on both sides of the substrate in disk manufacture, most often via a vacuum deposition technique called magnetron sputtering.

Answers to Related Questions

Is it necessary for a bowl to be round?

A bowl is a circular dish or container for preparing and serving meals. A bowl’s outside is usually circular, although it may be any form, including rectangular.

What does it mean to be served on a gold platter?

The phrase “on a platter” and “on a silver plate” are common in Standard English. Giving or handing something to someone on a platter, particularly a silver plate, is nearly easy. It expresses the same meaning as the Nigerian English phrase “on a plate of gold.”

Is a plate the same as a bowl?

A plate is a wide, concave, but mostly flat dish that may be used to serve food. Bowls or dishes are likely to be regarded vessels with no lip, particularly if they have a more rounded profile, as are extremely big vessels with a plate form. Plates are both tableware and dishware.

Plate or bowl, which came first?

Originally Answered: Did the bowl, plate, or cup come first? The bowling came first. Plates came in second place. The word “plate” was first used almost 800 years ago in the Old French phrase “thin piece of metal.”

Is there a distinction between a plate and a bowl?

is that a plate is a flat dish from which food is served or consumed, and a bowl is a roughly hemispherical container used to store, mix, or display food, such as salad, fruit, or soup, or other things, or a bowl is the ball rolled by players in the game of lawn bowls.

What exactly is the function of a charger plate?

Charger plates collect food fragments and prevent spills and messes from staining the tablecloth or spilling onto the table. Because they are placed immediately beneath plates and bowls, chargers also aid in the retention of heat in tableware.

What does the term “silver platter” imply?

Make it simple for by providing something useful for free or giving an undeserved reward. For example, she performed no work at all since she expected everything to be given to her on a silver platter, or Just ask them—they’ll put the data on a plate for you.

A platter is a large dish with many items on it. The word platter comes from the Latin word platerus, meaning to spread or to cover, which originally referred to the use of flat pieces of metal as plates for food. Reference: plattered meaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a platter consist of?

A platter is a flat circular dish, typically made of ceramic or metal, used for serving food.

What is difference between plate and platter?

A platter is a circular or oval-shaped flat cooking dish, usually made of ceramic, metal, or glass. Plates are typically round and made of stoneware.

What is the purpose of a platter?

A platter is a round, flat piece of metal that can be used for cooking.

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