Once you’ve made the switch to keto, it’s easy to fall into the trap of frying up the same old foods. But thankfully these fast food recipes are so delicious, you’ll be making them all the time.

Fast food is a convenient and affordable option for those who want to avoid cooking, but they do lack the nutrients and fiber that we need to keep us healthy and fit. However, if you keep the preparation time at a minimum and the ingredients at maximum, you can easily prepare fast and healthy meals that can help you lose weight and keep it off.

Fret not, keto-based eaters, because fast food doesn’t have to be an unhealthy mess. This list is guaranteed to satisfy you, your family, and your cravings.

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Although’eating out may seem difficult, a keto meal can be found at nearly every restaurant. This article will teach you how to remain keto at a restaurant, how to order food to keep carbohydrates low, and what to get at the most prominent US fast food restaurants.

You can’t eat tasty meals at restaurants if you’re on a keto diet. That is what makes the ketogenic diet long-term maintainable’Dietary Guidelines for Keto Fast Food

Here are a few things I do to keep my carbohydrates low when’I dine out:

  • Before heading out, go through the restaurant menu and see what you can get. Menus are available online, and some include nutrition information.
  • – Stay away from all types of bread. If you want to have a sandwich, leave out the bread and use lettuce or low-carb tortillas’instead.
  • Stick to drinking water and unsweetened coffee instead of full-sugar soft drinks.
  • If you want a lot of taste, you should know that barbeque sauce, teriyaki, and honey mustard are high in sugar and should be replaced with ranch dressing or other low carb sauces. Mayonnaise-based sauces are usually delicious, but they may also be high in sugar.
  • I suggest low-carb vegetables such as cauliflower, asparagus, or mushrooms’as a side dish.’Any breaded dishes (from appetisers to fillet mignon) should be grilled instead than fried.
  • To add more crunch to salads, remove the croutons and replace them with nuts and seeds.
  • Deep-fried meals should be avoided since they are usually breaded, which means they have a higher carb content.
  • Always double-check your order before eating to ensure that they received it correctly. Errors can happen, and it’s always a good idea to double-check. Keto-Friendly Fast Food’Restaurants You’ll be relieved to learn that there are many locations where you may pick up your low-carb order. Save this page for later since the list of keto-friendly restaurants will be updated with the finest choices on a regular basis. Food recommendations for 12 fast-food establishments may be found here.
  • KFC
  • Burger King is a fast food restaurant chain.
  • McDonald’s
  • \sChipotle
  • Taco Bell is a fast food restaurant chain.
  • Subway
  • Wendy’s
  • \sStarbucks
  • Jack in the Box at Arby’s
  • Panera


Keto Low Carb Fast Food Options at Chick-fil-A


KFC isn’t exactly a keto-friendly restaurant, but with a few tweaks, you can have a low-carb lunch.

  • 600 calories | 6g net carbohydrates | two Kentucky Grilled Chicken Breasts with a side of green beans
  • 740 calories | 3g net carb
  • ohydrates | Bunless Bacon King Jr.
  • 370 calories | 1 gramme net carb
  • ohydrates | Bunless BBQ Bacon Whopper
  • 340 calories | 9g net carb
  • ohydrates | Grilled Chicken Garden Salad
  • 60 calories | 3g carb
  • ohydrates | Garden Side Salad (no dressing
  • )
  • 4g net carbohydrates in a Bunless Grilled Chicken Caesar Sandwich
  • Breakfast Sandwiches (without the bread) – 1 to 3 grammes of net carbohydrates


What Should You Drink at KFC?

  • Water
  • \sSobe Lifewater
  • \sDiet’Unsweetened Ice Tea’Unsweetened Black Coffee Soda Soda Soda Soda Soda Soda Soda Sod

What Not to Do

Coleslaw, Hidden Valley Ranch (8g net carbohydrates), Corn Baked Beans, popcorn nuggets, and extra crispy chicken tenders are just a handful of the carb-heavy menu items.


When you’re looking for a fast keto meal, Chipotle is a fantastic option. The meal is straightforward yet very delicious. Tortillas, rice, chips, and beans should all be avoided. It’s fantastic that you can order cauliflower rice instead of the high-carb traditional rice at Chipotle.

425 calorie burrito bowl with’chicken | 9 g net carbs 760 calories | 12g net carbohydrates | Double Chicken Salad (ask for no dressing, beans,’or rice)

  • Salad with Double Carnitas – 800 calories | 6g net carb
  • ohydrates
  • 675 calories | 4 g net carbohydrates | Double Steak Salad


What to stay away from

Request that no rice, beans, taco shells, or tortilla chips be served. Salad dressing and corn salsa are also not good keto choices.

Taco Bell’is a fast food restaurant chain.’Taco Bell is completely keto-friendly with a few tweaks. Don’t forget to specify “no beans, no rice” when ordering. Here are a few of my personal favourites:

  • 395 calories per serving | 9 grammes of net carbohydrates
  • 5g net carbohydrates Chicken Power BowlBurrito Steak Supreme (no tortilla or beans)
  • 6g net carb
  • ohydrates in the Power Menu Bowl


Breakfast Burrito in a Bowl’with Cheesy Toasted Toasted Toasted Toasted Toasted Toasted Toasted Toasted Toasted Toasted Toasted Toasted Toasted Toasted Toasted Toasted Toasted Toasted Toasted Toa

Rice, beans, potatoes, corn, taco shells, tortillas, desserts, and sauces are all things to avoid.


  • 890 calories | 6 grammes net carbohydrates | Burger KingDouble Quarter Burger without bread and ketchup
  • Whopper Sandwich (without the bread and ketchup) — 410 calories | 3 grammes of carbohydrates
  • Croissan’wich with Bacon, Egg, and Cheese — 65 calories | 1 gramme net carbohydrates
  • 730 calories | 4g net carb
  • ohydrates | Bunless Double Whopper with Cheese
  • 490 calories | 8g net carb
  • ohydrates | Grilled Chicken Club Salad What’Not to Do Crispy chicken salads, bunless crispy chicken sandwiches

‘ fries, nuggets, onion rings

  • McDonald’s: If you order any of the burgers without a bun’ you’ll receive a fantastic low-carb choice, just like any other fast food McDonald’s.
  • Calories: 160 | Fat: 4g | Protein: 29g | Carb: 2g | Calories: 160 | Fat: 4g | Protein: 29g | Carb: 2g
  • 390 calories in a bunless Big Mac (with sauce) | 7 grammes of net carbohydrates
  • 8g net carb
  • ohydrates Bunless Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Bacon
  • 187 calories | 3g net carb
  • ohydrates | Double Cheeseburger without Bun



Nuggets, crispy chicken salad, Southwest salad, sauces, and salad dressings are all things to avoid.


  • 300 calories | 8g carbohydrates | Subway Tuna Salad (no tomato)
  • Salad with Cold Cuts — 615 calories |’5 grammes of net carbohydrates
  • 711 calories | 5g net carb
  • ohydrates | Spicy Italian Chopped Salad
  • 532 calories | 5g net carb
  • ohydrates | Subway Club Salad
  • Salad with Roasted Chicken Patty — 366 calories | 3 grammes net carbohydrates What to’stay away from Falafel, BBQ pulled pork, Meatballs, Orchard Chicken Salad, Veggie Patty, most sauces, Sweet Onion Teriyaki Chicken Salad (30 net carbohydrates).


  • 500 calories | 6 grammes net carbohydrates | Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Caesar Salad
  • 900 calories | 5g net carb
  • ohydrates | Dave’s Triple with Cheese
  • 370 calories |’4 grammes of carbohydrates | Asiago Ranch Chicken Club
  • 700 calories | 9 grammes net carb
  • ohydrates | Chicken Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken
  • Grilled Avocado Blt Chicken Sandwich — 430 calories, 6 grammes of carbohydrates
  • Without a bread, order any burger on the menu. What to’stay away from The bread, ketchup, taco salad, chilli, apple pecan salad, spicy chicken breast, and most sauces should all be avoided.

  • Starbucks’Keto coffee drinks are free of sugar and syrups.
  • Bacon & Gruyere Sous Vide Egg Bites – 310 | Carb: 9g
  • Monterey Spicy Chorizo, Bunless Bunless Breakfast Sandwichwith Jack and Egg Moon Cheese Slow-Roasted Ham, Swiss, and Egg Breakfast Sandwich



Arby’s is a sandwich restaurant that offers over 25 different excellent roast beef, chicken, and deli meat sandwiches. To make the greatest keto option while dining out, just request “lettuce wrapped” or “bunless.”

  • 350 calories | 6g net carbohydrates |’Lettuce Wrapped Reuben
  • 7g net carb
  • ohydrates in Bunless Loaded Italian
  • Sandwich with classic French Dip – 300 calories | 5g net carbohydrates
  • 440 calories | 6g net carbohydrates | Bunless Loaded Italian Sandwich
  • 530 calories | 6g net carb
  • ohydrates | Lettuce Wrapped Half Pound Beef’n’Cheddar Sandwich (no red ranch sauce)
  • 280 calories | 3g net carb
  • ohydrates | Roast Turkey & Swiss Sandwich (no honey mustard)
  • 780 calories | 9 net carb
  • ohydrates | Mount Italy Sandwich in a Bowl
  • The Cartoon Network’s “Jack in the Box”
  • 690 calories | 0g net carb



  • ohydrates | Bunless Bacon & Swiss Buttery Jack
  • 660 calories | 2g net carb
  • ohydrates | Bunless Double Jack
  • 360 calories | 8g net carb
  • ohydrates | Grilled Chicken Club Salad
  • 490 calories | 0g net carb
  • ohydrates | Bunless Extreme Sausage Sandwich Sauces, sides, and anything containing fried chicken are all to be avoided.

  • 250 calories | 2 grammes net carbohydrates | PaneraBacon Egg & Cheese Sandwich
  • Sandwich with turkey sausage, egg white, and spinach (no bread) – 170 calories | 2 grammes net carb ohydrates
  • 335 calories | 3g net carbohydrates | Bunless Sausage Egg & Cheese Sandwich
  • 35 calories | 3g net carb
  • ohydrates | Steak Egg & Cheese Sandwich
  • Salad’Caesar — 220 calories | 2 grammes of net carb



Bread, cookies, chips, soups, pickled onions, salad dressings, and sweetened beverages should all be avoided.


  • Eating out on a keto diet doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming.
  • There are a lot of keto-friendly eateries that you probably drive by every day and aren’t aware of.
  • Breaded foods, buns, tortillas, salad dressings, and sugary drinks should all be avoided.
  • Leave the croutons out.

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