Any celebration is incomplete without the cake. So any event looks delicious and special when a cake is included. Its sweet flavor and soft texture show love and happiness to your loved ones. Eating cake altogether has become a remarkable moment.

If you like anything or something that makes you happy, you have to do and enjoy it. It is not right to wait for any event or moment to do so. Same as cake. Has no special or specific time to eat when you want to eat. Just order online cake delivery and enjoy your time. Online cake delivery is an easy and time-saving option for anyone. You just select from varieties of cakes and order by calling after it receives your cake.

There are many flavors of cake, like caramel, mango, black forest, vanilla, butterscotch, chocolate, and red velvet cakes. These are the main names. You can also find different varieties in each of them because of their texture, flavor, design, and shape. Like if you want to order a chocolate cake, you will find the different flavors of it, such as Oreo, truffle, Ferrero rocher, and many more.

Online cake delivery makes events memorable.

Cakes are the second name of celebration and happiness. You smile at your loved ones by sending them online cake delivery. On special days like teacher’s day, mother’s day, and father’s day, you easily send them cakes by online delivery.

The mooncake festival is known as a mid-autumn festival. Mooncakes send and received by online cake delivery to the family, friends, and special ones. This celebration is incomplete without mooncakes and gifts.

Types of cakes

There are many types of cake used for celebrations; some of them are listed, which are mostly ordered from online cake shops. Especially because offline cake shops are seldom able to fulfill such a variety of demands under short notice.

Eggless cake

In online cake delivery, eggless cakes are in high demand. Their taste is just like egg ones, and some say better for them.

Photo cake

To feel someone special, photo cakes are used. In this, you send a photo which you want to show on the cake. It is printed on an editable sheet after it is posted on the cake. It looks most special and lovely and is ordered online.


Designer cake

This cake is specially designed for versatile persons. It is designed with many themes like make-up, cars, scenery or anything which your loved one likes. You just order this cake with a sketch and reach where you want with online cake delivery.

Cartoon cake

Cartoon cakes are ordered for kids’ birthday parties. It can be shaped by many characters such as Barbie, Mickey mouse, stars, Dora, and others that your kids like. These exceptional cakes, after preparation, reached the desired spot by online cake delivery.

Halal cake

Some people like to eat those cakes prepared with halal ingredients. For those, the halal cake is ready to be delivered at any spot by online order.


Cheesecakes are specially ordered on anniversaries and valentine’s day. Its sweetness and richness express your feelings for your loved one. You just order it, and by online cake delivery, it reaches your loved one’s doorstep.

Durian cake

Durian is known as the “King of Fruits “in Southeast Asia. Durian is a big fruit that has a hard shell with sharp thorns with a strong smell. Its sweet smell and flavor are loved by some people. Durian is used in many sweet dishes and is a great fruit for baking, candy filling, and pastries. It is also used in creams, custards, and sticky rice.

Durian is a rich source of vitamins B, vitamins C, potassium, and fiber. It is also stored in antioxidant compounds.

Can Durian cake be frozen?

Durian cakes and durian pastries are a perfect match with teatime and can be kept in the freezer within two hours of delivery. They can be stored in the freezer for up to 4 days or two weeks.

List of durian cakes

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No bake durian cheesecake

This durian cake is not baked because it does not need oven temperature. It is simple with a complete taste filling of durian and the top of the cake full of heavy cream.

Durian chiffon cake

This durian cake is combustion of lightness of chiffon and rich fruit. Vegetable oil is used instead of butter in durian chiffon cakes. So it becomes fluffy and durian-flavored.

Durian lava cake

This durian cake is a mouth-watering lava filling of durian. This durian lava cake attracted those who love a lot of sweetness.

Durian mousse cake

Durian mousse cake is a pack of texture and flavor of cream and durian. One layer of cream and one of durian puree prepare this creamy cake.

Durian butter cake

It is the simplest cake to prepare. Both butter and durian flavors are meshed and create a perfect taste.

Durian crepe cake

This durian cake is not easy to bake. Durian crepe cake combines with a layer of durian cream and pleasing aesthetics.

Burnt durian cheesecake

This cake has caramelized skin and a custard middle. Burnt durian cheesecake is baked with high heat to get caramelized top.

Durian Ogura cake

In durian Ogura cake, heavy eggs are gives a fluffy shape and requires extra moisture to rise. It also requires a steam formula.

Durian custard cake

Durian custard cake is one of the best durian cakes. The natural sweetness of durian with silky custard moisture satisfies anyone with a creamy experience.

Durian Swiss roll cake

This soft and fluffy roll cake has a durian cream flavor and is enjoyable with afternoon tea. Durian Swiss roll cake is a layer of cake with the filling of durian.

Bread Garden is a halal-certified bakery in Singapore. They have all these above cake options for all types of events and celebrations. Each cake is freshly baked upon order. Their all-fresh handmade cake is so delicious and liked by everyone. They also have traditional and durian cakes. You can also do online cake delivery to your loved one from your home.

You have to just order and be ready to receive your cake.


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