Even though most of the world is aware of healthy food and the benefits of consuming it, many people strike up a balance by demolishing a sweet treat at times. In particular, people with a sweet tooth need a sugary kick from time to time, perhaps through a luxurious dessert after a hearty meal. When desserts aren’t being scoffed down, they’re being assessed on popular social media platforms like Instagram.

A destination for foodies, Instagram is home to a huge selection of food creators who share their delicious offerings on a regular basis. When dessert lovers aren’t watching shows like The Great British Bake Off and playing sweet-filled products like the Sugar Rush game, scrolling through Instagram is a preference. Some accounts offer recipes to attempt at home, while others simply showcase mouth-watering dishes that can potentially be enjoyed the next time you’re dining out.

A sweet-filled online destination that has enabled talented dessert lovers to share their treats with mass audiences, Instagram is packed full of material dedicated to sugar-filled favorites. So, whether you’re a keen baker or you simply adore seeing unique dishes, then below are some dessert Instagram accounts that every sweet tooth should follow.


An account passionate chocolate fans need to have in their lives, @thefeedfeed.chocolate has been making mouths water for a good while now. With over 340,000 followers at the time of writing, it’s an account with a strong following of committed chocolate devourers. Offering chocolate recipes, baking tips, and strong doses of chocolatey favorites on a regular basis, it’s a well-made page that definitely deserves a follow.


Although the vast majority of desserts are quite clearly unhealthy, there are ways you can enjoy the things you love but in a slightly more healthy manner. @sarahsfitfood does a remarkable job of proving this further by sharing plenty of stunningly beautiful keto recipes and ideas. These delectable delights are easy to nail and don’t contain as much of the bad stuff as other desserts do.


Sometimes the perfect end to a big meal is a cookie or three. If you’re partial to options like a gooey American chocolate chip cookie, then following @gookeey is highly recommended. Sharing huge cookies on a weekly basis, this cookie baker showcases her handmade bestsellers with her strong community of cookie lovers.


After witnessing her cookie-making talents for yourself, you might even fancy placing an order.


With over 300,000 followers at the time of writing, @girleatworld’s content is clearly captivating people who are passionate about desserts. A food ‘Instagrammer’ who has been sharing content for a few years now, her posts from exotic places with unique desserts will certainly spruce up your timeline. From drool-worthy dishes in world-famous locations, to more under-the-radar dishes from around the world, @girleatworld is well worth a follow.


If you regard cake as the perfect afternoon treat to munch on, then @historiasdelciervo’s marvelous creations will certainly catch your eye.


Sharing intricate cakes with beautiful designs, this master baker is clearly extremely talented and has fine-tuned his craft after years of hard work. Posting his best efforts, @historiasdelciervo is a cake lover’s dream.


A go-to page for vegans around the world, @minimalistbaker’s glorious recipes are perfect for people who like to indulge in the finer things in life without any animal products being consumed. From sumptuous brownies to light pancakes, there is something for everyone on this fantastic page that is behind an abundance of viral posts.

Other dessert accounts to follow on Instagram includes @mattadlard, @nm_meiyee, @feedyourgirlfriend, @naturally.jo, @bakemywayaroundtheworld, @luxeandthelady, @sophiamyacupcakes, @popeyethefoodie, @erwiny11, @mellyeatsworld, @_leslie_vigil_, @kokomacake, @thesweetwanderlust, @dominiqueansel, and @desserted_in_paris.


Jenny has always been interested in food and cooking. She grew up in a family where meals were made from scratch and food was always celebrated. After college, Jenny began working in restaurants and catering. She soon realized that she wanted to help people cook at home more often. In 2016, Jenny started Nourish as a way to share her love of simple and nourishing food. Jenny's recipes are all inspired by her own experiences with food allergies and sensitivities. She knows how hard it can be to find recipes that are both delicious and safe to eat, so she creates recipes that everyone can enjoy. If you're looking for recipes that are easy to make and good for you, then you've come to the right place! Jenny's recipes are all tested and proven to be both delicious and nutritious.