Cooking is fun and is associated with life satisfaction. Throughout their existence, human beings have discovered many ways of cooking. They record the instructions in books and digital gadgets. It is hard to count the number of recipes out there in the world. Recipe and cooking apps offer people instructions to follow when preparing specific foods. Following the guides makes it easy to cook any type of food. Most of the top recipe apps work on both Android and iPhone.Image Credit:Pexels



Tasty offers more than 10,000 recipes that help you prepare mouthwatering dishes. The app features videos with systematic instructions for cooking. It lets users watch to learn and search for local, regional, and international dishes. Additionally, signing into the app automatically connects you to one of the largest online communities. It’s one of the best app for cooking recipes that you should have on your phone. The app gives tips and shows reviews of different recipes from around the world.


Yummly is a good recipe app that uses AI to discover people’s food preferences. It then customizes recipes that serve their likes. The developer encourages people to use it often to help the app learn more about them. It stores the search history for every user and uses it to refine their preferences. It sends customized meal plans and recipe recommendations. The app even recommends the groceries to add to your shopping list to ensure you get the right ingredients for your preferred recipes.

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BBC Good Food

BBC Good Food makes it easy for you to access over 10,000 recipes. It features every piece of information you need to cook daily. The app is free but users need to create an account to access its features. Once you log in, you view the recipes listed in categories. The app displays the dates when the recipes were published. All its recipes are exclusive and it’s ads free. Users may subscribe for a paid version to get further benefits such as:

  • Personalized meal plans with grocery lists.
  • Unique recipes are published monthly.
  • Templates to organize and rate recipes.
  • Exclusive how-to videos covering a wide range of dishes.
  • Expert support when all your questions are answered.

Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories lets people share the ingredients of what they are cooking. Users sign into the app and make a list of their ingredients. They are allowed to name their recipe and take photos of the actual dishes and upload them. Once you upload your recipe, wait to read feedback from community members. You may use the feedback to improve your next dish. The app is free and contains a lot of cooking stories added daily by users around the world.


Allrecipes is another iOS and Android app similar to Kitchen Stories. It has a community of more than 15 million passionate cooks. They share inspiration from their daily experiences when cooking. They share photos showing the cooking processes and the final meals.

The app lets them upload the recipes of specific dishes including the shipping list relevant to the dish. Users will find useful how-to videos and tops for preparing attractive food.



BigOven allows users to upload recipes in any format. They may download images, videos, or even handwritten ingredients. The app features a RecipeScan tool that lets users scan their recipes for uploading.

It’s a great app that helps cooks get organized and receive inspiration. It works both offline and offline to offer you access to thousands of ingredients even when offline. The app features a large community that shares their inspirations and recipes daily. Its data bank grows daily and allows users to customize it in different ways.


Passionate cooks often keep searching for new menus, ideas, and recipes. Cooking and recipe apps offer them the solutions they need for preparing great meals. The apps feature thousands of food ingredients and instructions to follow. Some of the apps allow users to upload their favorite dishes and include instructions for cooking them. They work well with both iOS and Android phones.


Jenny has always been interested in food and cooking. She grew up in a family where meals were made from scratch and food was always celebrated. After college, Jenny began working in restaurants and catering. She soon realized that she wanted to help people cook at home more often. In 2016, Jenny started Nourish as a way to share her love of simple and nourishing food. Jenny's recipes are all inspired by her own experiences with food allergies and sensitivities. She knows how hard it can be to find recipes that are both delicious and safe to eat, so she creates recipes that everyone can enjoy. If you're looking for recipes that are easy to make and good for you, then you've come to the right place! Jenny's recipes are all tested and proven to be both delicious and nutritious.