Meta Description: Get to know the best destinations that you can visit in China for an exciting and fun holiday with friends or family members

You might not find China at the top of the list for a typical family vacation. Over the past few years, tourism in China has picked up. The country has opened its doors to tourists who would like to know more about Chinese culture or get a taste of the exotic destinations they have in store. China also hosts several festivals throughout the year, which are very lucrative and exciting for the rest of the world. If you are looking for the ideal destinations to visit in China in your next holiday season, then you have come to the perfect place.

Let’s get you started with some of the best destinations that you can check out while you plan your vacation to China next season:

1. Mutianyu Great Wall

The one thing that has put China on the map is the Great Wall of China, which is even considered as one of the Wonders of the World. Chinese leaders built The Great Wall as a military hub in ancient times. It has proven to offer exceptional scenic beauty and great insights into the past exploitations of the Chinese leaders. The fresh air, watchtowers, three-dimensional visions, and other factors can take your breath away. The Great Wall should be on the list of Chinese destinations for any tourist to visit.

2. Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is on the island of Hong Kong and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in China. Apart from some of the coolest blackjack and roulette games online, the city offers this exquisite Peak Tower and Tram,, which is also the city’s oldest mode of transportation. It might take you time to check out every part of the Peak, but it is definitely worth the effort if the city is on your itinerary.

3. Star Ferry

Although China does not have much proximity to the water, the regions attached to the sea tend to offer their own magnificent attractions that tourists love to witness and be a part of.


The Star Ferry is one of the oldest types of wooden ferries that you can find. These are available on the various islands that adjoin China and provide many sites to witness and enjoy.

4. The Bund (Wai Tan)

If you are a fan of neo-classical and historical buildings, then The Bund is the perfect place for you to witness history. There are several sites to check out, along with a waterfront promenade. You can find several tourists in this region, with locals giving important information about the buildings. The food at the local street stalls can give you a taste of the local Chinese food and cuisine. The Huang Pu River, which lines the buildings, enhances the scenery.

5. The Museum of Qin Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses

Whenever you visit a new destination, checking out the museums can give an excellent amount of information about the country’s history. You can gain significant knowledge about the warriors and other distinctive factors that set the country apart.


It’s an amazing way to get first-hand experience of the culture and society in which the founders lived. This museum showcases the excavation sites that include life-like figures and battle formations that were popular in earlier times.

6. Hong Kong Disneyland

The popularity of Disneyland is big. The theme gives you a first-hand experience of the real Disneyland in the US. People who are fans of Disney World but find the US very expensive can easily get the experience at this destination. There are several theme trains and other attractions for children and adults to enjoy.


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