Being a tourist has its charms, but for a deeper connection with your travel destination, consider diving into the local scene. While iconic landmarks beckon, nearby hidden treasures are often overlooked. Why not slow down, engage with residents, and uncover what truly makes a place special? Below, we share our best advice on how to get authentic travel experiences.

How to Travel Like a Local?

#1 Avoid the Beaten Paths

Explore Hidden Gems: Venture beyond the typical hotspots by uncovering less-visited havens. Seek out quaint villages, undiscovered areas of a nation, or an adjacent locale that’s overshadowed by tourist favorites.

Engage with the Community: Immersing yourself in local culture provides insights into rarely-explored sights and pastimes. Engage in conversations with residents for personalized recommendations.

Embrace Local Transit: Opt for the local bus or train over private conveyance. It’s not only cost-effective but also enriches your travel experience, guiding you to unexpected locales beyond the tourist trail.

#2 Avoid Tourist Traps

To get authentic travel experiences, you need to get away from the tourist paths and classic mistakes. Try staying not in a hotel but with locals through Airbnb. But be sure to remember safety. Research in advance whether Airbnb is safe and what ways you can improve your safety. For a detailed guide to Airbnb security, check out VeePN, along with tools to protect your privacy.

Also, try to visit local markets, use local money to pay for all services, communicate with other people, and seek advice from them. However, avoid excursions, main attractions, and large areas.

#3 Meet Locals

Opt for Community-Based Lodgings: Chain hotels and international resorts have their place, but for an authentic local experience, consider choosing a bed and breakfast, a guesthouse, or even a homestay. Not only does it support the local economy, but the proprietors often double as personal tour guides, offering insights into the area’s cultural landscape and facilitating connections with community members.

Engage in Hometown Happenings: Immerse yourself in the community by participating in hometown events, whether they be vibrant festivals, neighborhood concerts, or local sports matches. These settings are a natural breeding ground for friendships with residents who have a mutual passion for the occasion at hand.


Leverage Digital Communities: In today’s connected world, harness the power of social media and specialized travel platforms to meet people before even arriving at your destination. Online communities, accessible through platforms like Facebook or dedicated apps such as Meetup and Couchsurfing, can match you with inhabitants who are eager to share their hobbies and home turf with travelers like you.

#4 You Need Basics of the Local Language

It’s essential to embrace the local tongue wherever your journeys take you. Begin with the basics – common courtesies go a long way:

  • Thank You
  • Please
  • Where’s the Restroom?
  • Good Morning
  • Good Evening

Even if language learning isn’t your forte, starting a conversation with “please” showcases your intentions to engage respectfully as you seek assistance. Expect to mispronounce words, and don’t shy away from enjoying some humorous moments as you practice your pronunciation. Remember, laughter bridges gaps across cultures and is universally understood!

Fortunately, there’s a plethora of applications designed to support language acquisition worldwide. For those with a desire to delve deeper than everyday expressions, virtual language academies offer a wealth of knowledge. Particularly for languages such as Spanish, French, and Italian, Freestyle Languages provides courses tailored for globetrotters. Additionally, you can hire an online language tutor or use language apps to practice at your own pace. For example, focus on mastering possessive adjectives in Spanish can be a great starting point. These tools help you grasp the basics and build confidence before traveling, ensuring you can communicate effectively and enjoy your adventures to the fullest.

#5 Slow Travel

Our findings suggest that the best way to truly experience the essence of a place is by adopting a leisurely travel pace and integrating oneself into the local way of life. The reality is that international travel involves an extensive amount of time — this includes not only the duration spent transiting through planes, trains, buses, taxis, and footpaths but also the time dedicated to organizing, reserving, packing, and unpacking. A whirlwind three-day excursion can vanish as quickly as it came.

Therefore, to make a real impact on the local economy and fully engage with the region you’re visiting, we urge travelers to take their time. We advise allocating at least ten days to explore a single locale. Doing so not only contributes to more thoughtful and effective trip structuring but also ensures that you have a deeper understanding of the purpose behind your journey.

#6 Wake Up Early

Rise with the sun and immerse yourself in the genuine rhythm of the local scene—long before the city stirs its first cup of morning joe. Embracing the daily pulse of life in your new surroundings can forge a deeper connection to the cultural beat.

Navigate the serene boulevards, stand alongside the town’s early risers in pursuit of that perfect brew, or experience the raw energy of peak commuting hours by hopping on public transit. By mirroring the routine of the residents, the essence of being a local will envelop you soon enough.

My own voyages have been enriched by the magic of the pre-dawn world. Chase those early moments with a little extra haste to crawl from your slumber. Stir your soul with the dawn and see the depth of experiences that await you.

#7 Responsible Tourism

Ecotourism embodies mindful travel practices that aim to safeguard our natural surroundings and uphold the cultural legacy of destinations. It’s an invitation for conscientious explorers to interact with the environment responsibly and contribute to the well-being of local populations. Eager adventurers seeking a dynamic escapade in the great outdoors or those yearning to delve into unfamiliar cultural terrains will find a treasure trove of eco-friendly pursuits worldwide.


Journeying is a remarkable way to immerse oneself in diverse cultural landscapes and discover uncharted territories.


To deeply engage with the essence of your destination, heed this guidance: delve into extensive research pre-departure, venture into the unknown, forge connections with residents, pick up elements of the dialect, savor indigenous cuisine, respect regional traditions, contribute to the community, and welcome serendipity with open arms.


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