Summertime is the perfect time to enjoy delicious, healthy food that will keep you cool. These recipes are perfect for a summer picnic, cookout, or party. They are all light and refreshing, and best of all, they are all healthy! For healthy food recommendations or 22Bet, keep reading!


Summer and winter are great citrus fruit seasons. Tangerines warm the body, especially the mind, by helping to bear the cold and darkness and by inducing a celebratory attitude during winter. In the summer, grapefruits, which are now in season, provide a refreshing alternative. Given that the thick rind will be discarded, purchasing grapefruits is wasteful.


This year, due to the abnormally warm spring, apricot trees blossomed early, therefore there is a good probability that we may see their fruit on store shelves soon. Apricots are relatively tolerant of climatic conditions, and fresh fruits of local provenance can be found over the majority of the European continent. Varying varieties of apricots have different harvesting dates, thus fresh fruits are available on the market from early June to virtually the end of August; you can purchase them throughout the summer.


Before you decide to acquire a package of fresh mulberries, we strongly advise you to get a box of surgical gloves; mulberry juice stains surface irreversibly with a deep purple hue. Once you’ve wrapped yourself, your kitchen, and all of your equipment in washable plastic (don’t throw it away; reuse it), you can begin eating or cooking mulberries; either option will make life exciting, delectable, and colorful (and similar to the aftermath of a berry slaughter).

From mid-June to early July, you can find mulberries on store shelves; berries degrade quickly, so if there are a lot of them, it is best to cook something with them as soon as possible. The most common application of mulberries is in pie fillings; one choice is a “drunk” crostata with rosemary. In addition to its use in baking, mulberry is a good substitute for blackberries in gin drinks, such as this Bramble.


It might appear that there is nothing else you can do with corn than boiling it, butter it on both sides and sprinkle it with salt, but we wish to provide additional possibilities. While young and fresh corn is in season, indulge in some experimentation: Make homemade popcorn using butter and Parmesan cheese!



Jenny has always been interested in food and cooking. She grew up in a family where meals were made from scratch and food was always celebrated. After college, Jenny began working in restaurants and catering. She soon realized that she wanted to help people cook at home more often. In 2016, Jenny started Nourish as a way to share her love of simple and nourishing food. Jenny's recipes are all inspired by her own experiences with food allergies and sensitivities. She knows how hard it can be to find recipes that are both delicious and safe to eat, so she creates recipes that everyone can enjoy. If you're looking for recipes that are easy to make and good for you, then you've come to the right place! Jenny's recipes are all tested and proven to be both delicious and nutritious.