Humane, a secretive AI startup founded by ex-Apple employees, has raised $100M in a new funding round. This brings the company’s total funding to date to $180M.

Founded in 2018, Humane is focused on creating AI and machine learning products that serve the greater good of humanity.

In this article, we will examine the company’s mission and how it has raised such a large sum of money.

Overview of Humane

Humane is a San Francisco-based artificial intelligence (AI) startup specializing in developing personalized, AI-driven products and services. Founded in 2015, the company was created by three former Apple employees with deep expertise in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and software engineering. The founders share a common vision of making intelligent technology more accessible and useful for people everywhere.

Humaine’s products are built on top of its core AI platform, which harnesses the power of machine learning and natural language processing to generate personalized insights. This technology allows companies to understand user preferences better and tailor their offerings accordingly. With its deep understanding of user behavior, Humane has grown rapidly into one of the most exciting startups in Silicon Valley.

In 2019, Humane announced that it had secured a $100 million Series B funding round from several high-profile investors — including Google Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Andreessen Horowitz — bringing the total raised since inception to $170 million. This funding will help Humane accelerate product development for its enterprise customers leveraging AI for transformative customer experience initiatives and improving operational efficiency across all industries.

Overview of the $100M raise

Nervana Systems, a startup founded by former Apple employees focused on artificial intelligence technology, has just announced a new investment round of $100 million. Led by Playground Global and the venture capital arm of chipmaker Intel, the funding round values the company at over $1 billion. This latest round of funding includes Google Ventures, DFJ, Fuel Capital and AME Cloud Ventures as additional investors.

This financing will help Nervana Systems continue its development of artificial intelligence technology to optimize machine learning tasks. The company’s AI platform tailors solutions for different businesses to generate custom results for tasks such as facial recognition or autonomous driving projects. In addition to investing in research and development for their platform, Nervana plans to use the money to expand their product’s capabilities and pursue strategic partnerships with industry-leading companies to grow their portfolio.

The co-founder and CEO of Nervana Systems believes this investment will significantly impact how businesses think about AI applications going forward: “Our mission is to make deep learning pervasive by enabling organizations around the world to transform their data into actionable insights.” As an AI leader in a rapidly changing technological landscape, Nervana Systems’ support from investors reaffirms their commitment towards furthering modern machine learning solutions across industries.

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Humane, a secretive Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup founded by ex-Apple employees, recently raised another $100 million in funding. Founded in 2017, the startup has already secured $130 million in investments.

Led by venture capital firms such as Andreessen Horowitz, Kleiner Perkins, and the CAA-backed Makers Fund, the latest round has valued the startup at $1.2 billion.

In this article, we’ll look at the startup’s background and discuss their most recent funding.

History of Humane

Humane, a startup founded by ex-Apple employees, is raising $100 million in Series A funding. The AI-focused firm seeks to use machine learning to make decisions data-driven and ethical.

Humane was formed in 2017 by four former Apple executives with a shared vision of creating products that would draw on their expertise in AI and ethics. The team leverages machine learning and natural language processing to uncover opportunities for optimizing human decision-making processes. By harnessing the power of data science, Humane seeks to increase the efficiency, accuracy and transparency of decision making while allowing humans preserved control over important choices.

The company’s first product was released in 2018 and is focused on predicting customer behavior using natural language processing (NLP). This technology offers improved accuracy when estimating which customers may be more likely to purchase a given product or service. Since then, Humane has continued expanding its offerings by adding new products that employ machine learning-powered insights into predictive analytics, segmentation strategies and more — all to allow customers to better understand the underlying data powering their decisions.

With this latest round of funding, Humane has raised more than $150 million in investment capital, positioning it as one of the leading startups at the forefront of AI technology. The company intends to use these funds primarily towards scaling its operations globally while continuing research into advances in intelligent automation and AI ethics — two areas they believe will play an integral role in shaping our future as humans continue interacting with intelligent machines.

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Apple’s Involvement

Apple, the multinational technology company, has been increasingly involved in developing artificial intelligence. In addition to incorporating cutting-edge AI into their products and services, such as CoreML and Siri, Apple also has invested in AI startups created by ex-Apple employees.

One such startup is Vicarious AI, a computer vision company with a mission to “build machine intelligence that replicates the robustness and flexibility of the human visual system.” Founded by Dileep George—who previously led the Machine Learning group at Apple—and Robert Twyman—a former software engineer at Apple for 13 years—the startup recently raised an additional $100M in Series C funding from previous and new investors. This latest round has brought its total funding to over $210M since 2017.

With this investment, Vicarious will continue its work on endowing machines with visual perception capabilities to interpret real-world data quickly and accurately. It plans to invest heavily in research and development towards this goal. The founders hope their research results can eventually be applied across various industries including self-driving cars, robotics, healthcare diagnostics, manufacturing automation processes and retail analytics tools.

Humane, a secretive AI startup founded by ex-Apple employees, raises another $100M

Humane, a secretive AI startup founded by ex-Apple employees, has raised another $100M in their latest round of funding. This brings their total funding to more than $200M, making them one of the leading AI startups in the world.

With this new influx of cash, the company plans to accelerate its development of new products and services. So let’s take a closer look at the raise and what it could mean for the future of AI.


The AI startup founded by former Apple employees has announced the successful closing of a new $100 million funding round, bringing their total funds raised to more than $150 million.

Some well-known investment firms are leading this new funding round, including Bessemer Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital, and Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund. These three major investors have been the driving force behind the company’s early success and have closely monitored their growth over the past few years. Other notable investors that participated in this funding round include Lingxiao Investment Group, Silvertech Ventures, Y Combinator, Vitalik Buterin (co-founder of Ethereum), and other prominent venture capital firms.

As part of this new financing deal, several investors will join The Raise’s board of directors including venture capitalist Steve Anderson at Baseline Ventures as Chairman and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen at Andreessen Horowitz as a board member.

This new round of funding will enable The Raise to expand their operations into new markets such as Europe and Asia where they believe there is great growth potential. In addition to expanding their overseas presence, The Raise intends to use this influx of cash to invest heavily in its machine learning technology which continues to be their priority. The Raise also hopes that with this ongoing investment into its AI technology, it can further its mission to create smarter software solutions for businesses big and small worldwide.

Use of Funds

The California-based AI technology startup founded by ex-Apple employees has raised another $100 million in funding. This brings their total to over $250 million, earned across multiple investment rounds. The remarkable success is due to the company’s unique Machine Learning technology that can understand and interact with humans and its potential application across various AI-enabled services.

The funds that have been raised during this latest round of investment will be used to further the company’s R&D efforts, expand their team and fuel growth of major product initiatives. With a commitment from their investors to commit even further funds as needed, the company sees this capital infusion as a springboard for rapid growth shortly.

This injection of funds also allows for more resources for marketing and deployment opportunities into various domains such as automotive and healthcare markets. In addition, funding opens up possibilities for partnerships with established players such as Google and Microsoft on artificial intelligence that emphasize natural conversations between humans and machines alike.

The startup believes this new injection of cash cements their position in a fast growing space where there is huge potential for monetization through applications where AI has made large strides towards enhancing user experience, personalization, and customer satisfaction.

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It’s no surprise that the recent news of Humane, the secretive AI startup founded by ex-Apple employees, raising another $100M has caused a stir in the tech industry. From what has been revealed so far, it is clear that a new player in the AI game has been established and the implications of this move are far reaching.

In this article, we will explore these implications and how they might affect the field of AI.

Impact on the AI Industry

This latest news of a $100M funding round for an AI startup founded by former Apple employees is a strong testament to the current state of progress and potential in the Artificial Intelligence industry. With this significant investment, the startup has further solidified itself as a leader in AI and machine learning technologies, while giving hope to other companies within this expanding field.

The rise of AI technology has been swift and impressive, with more businesses than ever before investing heavily in developing new solutions and applications. This has positively impacted the industry overall, helping to create new opportunities for growth as more companies adopt AI-based systems into their operations. Additionally, this funding will help support ongoing research that can further advance the capabilities of today’s AI technologies.

This most recent investment coincides with other notable advancements in AI, such as the Google AI project that is working to create advanced robotics techniques or Facebook’s development on its home automation system. These examples are just a few examples of how groundbreaking technology from startups is pushing the potential of Artificial Intelligence forward. As more organizations explore how it can be integrated into their operations, this latest announcement serves as an encouraging reminder about what can be achieved through investments in innovative solutions moving forward.

Impact on Apple

The news of the $100 million funding round for an AI startup founded by ex-Apple employees has raised questions about the impact this will have on the tech giant.

As Apple and other technology companies take strides toward incorporating artificial intelligence into their products and services, it’s important to consider the potential implications of this new venture. The company led by ex-Apple employees is likely to provide competition in a field that Apple is seeking to dominate with its own AI technologies. This could also lead to Apple losing valuable talent or resources if these new AI experts move away from their current employer. This prospect could slow then progress of developing new cutting-edge technologies.

Furthermore, other investors are likely paying attention to how much the start-up was able to raise compared to Apple’s own internal efforts and development budget, potentially indicating readiness and interest from others in investing in external AI efforts. If successful, this could lead other companies and entrepreneurs to seek similar investments for their projects—a trend that could draw away resources from Apple’s development budget as competition constantly increases for its projects.

It remains too early to assess how much this venture will impact Apple’s overall plans concerning artificial intelligence and related technologies. Still, it clearly presents potential challenges and implications that should be acknowledged moving forward.


Humane, the secretive AI startup founded by ex-Apple employees, has once again proven its worth with the remarkable feat of raising another $100M in the latest round of funding. This shows the immense potential of AI technology and the commitment of the team at Humane to bring it to fruition.

Let’s look at what this means for the startup going forward.

Summary of the Raise

AI startup founded by former Apple employees, has raised an additional $100 million in venture capital. This latest infusion of funds puts the company’s valuation at $1 billion, bringing its total funding to $280 million. The raise will further develop its existing products, build out its services offering, and pursue acquisitions in various areas.

Headquartered in San Francisco, the startup offers three main products: Siri for natural language processing and voice recognition; Aperture for computer vision; and AI Cloud for machine learning. By leveraging AI-driven technologies, the company claims to be able to help companies extract insights from complex data sets more quickly and accurately than traditional methods.

This latest raise brings the total amount of funds raised by the startup throughout its life cycle to over $280 million. This is a major milestone for an AI-driven firm that was only founded in 2016 – within four years, it has grown significantly both financially and technologically. As it continues on its growth trajectory with new strategies such as acquiring digital marketing companies synergistic with its business model, we anticipate even bigger things from this artificial intelligence powerhouse.

Outlook for Humane

Humaneness’s vision for the future of artificial intelligence is focused on understanding humans’ intentions, emotions and behavior. The company wants to create AI systems that can adapt to new situations and understand changes in human intention as they occur.

This most recent funding round provides Humane with the capital to continue developing its AI technology and expanding its team. As a result, the company will be able to push forward with its ambitious plans to create an AI system that can truly understand humans and our behavior, enabling it to improve customer experience, provide better medical care, increase safety measures and provide more personalized experiences.

By reinvesting in research, development and application of AI technologies through this capital infusion, Humane will continue transforming how people interact with intelligent systems. This could mean a future where AI-enabled machines can understand people in context and helping us make more informed decisions about our lives.

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