Lorex Technology is a security technology company based in Canada, and WhittakerTech is a Chinese-based firm specializing in video surveillance products. The two companies have been working together since 2019 and have now become global partners.

This partnership has enabled Lorex to access the latest Chinese technology from Dahua and WhittakerTech to use Lorex’s global reach to develop and deploy top-tier video surveillance products.

This article will cover the relationship between Lorex and WhittakerTech, including their collaboration and what it means for the future of video surveillance.

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Lorex Technology and WhittakerTech are two global technology companies that have a long-standing partnership. Lorex specializes in developing innovative video surveillance, security equipment and home automation technologies while WhittakerTech specializes in the design and manufacture of secure hardware, software and wireless products. The two companies have a strong working relationship from their shared focus on providing advanced, secure products to customers worldwide.

The Lorex product line includes professionally-installed indoor/outdoor IP cameras, DVRs/NVRs, baby monitors, doorbells, security kits and more. Their systems use the advanced Digital Transmission Standard (DTS) for maximum reliability and encrypted connection for extra security.

WhittakerTech is known for their award-winning software solutions designed to protect home networks from any potential attack or breach. Their comprehensive suite of products includes firewalls, VPNs (virtual private networks), encrypting data storage solutions and a powerful antivirus program with real-time protection against cyber threats. WhittakerTech also produces smart plugs that allow users to control lights around the home remotely; these devices sync with compatible home automation systems via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Together Lorex Technology and WhittakerTech offer customers reliable home security solutions with the latest technologies combined with secure hardware, software and wireless components backed by competent technical support teams dedicated to excellence in customer service.


Lorex is a subsidiary of the Chinese technology company Dahua Technology, and it produces home security products such as surveillance cameras and monitors. Lorex has recently partnered with WhittakerTech, a Silicon Valley-based technology company and one of the leading investors in software and hardware startups, to expand their security products.

In this article, we will discuss the relationship between these two companies and what it means for their customers.

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History of Lorex

Lorex Technology Inc. is a provider of innovative HD video surveillance and security solutions for homes, small businesses, and large organizations. Founded in 1994, Lorex was originally a major distributor of wired and wireless analog video surveillance equipment. In 2008, Lorex acquired California-based Whittaker Technologies in its commitment to advancing home security with smart technology as its cornerstone. By developing digital technology from the ground up, Lorex introduced the next evolution of information monitoring — digital high definition HD Analog video transmission quickly followed by DIY (do-it-yourself) NVR (Network Video Recorder) Security Systems for Smart homeowners who wanted control over their property.

WhittakerTech’s core technology boosts overall quality and performance for Lorex’s “hybrid” systems that incorporate both digital IP cameras plus analog cameras on the same DVR (Digital Video Recorder). The combined additional features make these hybrid systems even more powerful than pure digital systems alone with added flexibility in home automation devices such as door/window entry sensors, motion detection sensors and remote view capabilities. WhittakerTech’s operating system also makes it easier to integrate multiple units into a single expansive solution that can be managed using Lorex’s Sky App when used in conjunction with the latest in cloud storage options making the experience even simpler than before.

Products and Services Offered by Lorex

Lorex is a leading provider of professional-grade security and surveillance solutions. Lorex designs, engineers and manufactures advanced security cameras and systems for the residential, commercial and government markets. As part of WhittakerTech Corp., the company strives to bring innovative, expandable, easy-to-use solutions that meet any home or business security needs.

Lorex offers a broad range of products with both analog and digital technologies. Their analog products provide up to 4K resolution for both indoor and outdoor applications; while their digital solutions are made for HD recording without having to upgrade current equipment. Lorex also has a portfolio of highly advanced Wi-Fi enabled video cameras that come in configurations such as dome, bullet and PTZ models to meet customers’ preferences. In addition, they offer the JetStream series of NVRs with integrated Audio Talk beside select models and monitor-off functions if motion is detected – so users can sleep soundly knowing their property is safe from thieves or intruders.

For maximum versatility, Lorex offers accessories such as power cables, hard drives, mouse/keyboards/plugs, extension kits as well as rack mount kits which can be used in corporate environments. All these products have been intelligently designed to save time during installation and maximise performance post installation so their customers can enjoy continuous protection day in and day out without interruptions or problems arising from their surveillance system setup. Through WhittakerTech’s integration partnerships with leading companies like Amazon Alexa & Duwop Doorbells it has never been easier for customers to enjoy high end surveillance capabilities without making huge investments into other peripheral hardware & software packages.


WhittakerTech is a technology company based in the United States known for its innovative products and services. The company is an affiliate of Lorex Chinese Dahua Technology, allowing them to sell their products and services to a global audience.

In this article, we will explore the relationship between Lorex and WhittakerTech, and discuss how this partnership has benefited both companies.

History of WhittakerTech

WhittakerTech is a multinational technology company with a history stretching back to the late 1990s. Founded in 1999 in California, USA, the company originally focused on producing home security systems under the Whittaker name. Over time, the company expanded into other areas including commercial surveillance and home automation products.

In 2006, WhittakerTech acquired Lorex Technology, a Canadian-based company specializing in video surveillance and security solutions for small business owners and residential customers.

Since acquiring Lorex Technology, WhittakerTech has created many innovations that have helped shape the industry today. WhittakerTech’s products are designed to deliver superior affordability and performance for budget conscious individuals as well as professional security installers alike. They offer an extensive portfolio of video surveillance systems featuring high-performance cameras with HD resolution, expandable DVRs for up to 16 channels of HD recording, dedicated NVR appliances with cloud connectivity options, app-enabled wireless IP cameras and much more.

These solutions feature advanced software tools such as analytics and facial recognition technologies that help maximize threat detection accuracy while providing peace of mind to any customer looking for reliable home or small business protection.

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Products and Services Offered by WhittakerTech

WhittakerTech is a global security technology company that provides customers with smart, connected, and secure products and services. Established in 1990, the company specializes in providing the highest quality security solutions to both residential and commercial customers. WhittakerTech has developed its own line of products to help meet their customer’s needs and provide efficient, reliable security solutions. These products include 4K surveillance cameras, HD wireless camera systems, and Outdoor Wi-Fi Video Solutions.

Whittakertech also has a relationship with Lorex Security Technology Inc., offering their specialized technologies proprietary to Lorex systems. WhiltakerTech has extensive experience in customizing Lorex systems for all types of applications including securiy cameras for home monitoring, business applications as well as providing IP cameras for remote surveillance. They also offer video over IP (VoIP) transmission systems allowing advanced real-time video streaming though wired or wireless connections on any device. Working with Lorex technology enables Whittaker tech to further extend the functionality of their own product line while controlling cost and delivery timeframes when needed by customers.

Relationship between Lorex and WhittakerTech

Lorex, a Chinese tech company, and WhittakerTech, a leading US technology company, have a close relationship. Lorex is a partner of WhittakerTech, with both companies collaborating on products and services. Lorex is a leading provider of video surveillance products, while WhittakerTech is known for its expertise in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and other cutting-edge technologies.

In this article, we will explore the relationship between Lorex and WhittakerTech, as well as their effects on the tech industry.

Lorex’s Acquisition of WhittakerTech

In 2007, Lorex Technology Inc. acquired WhittakerTech, safeguarding existing relationships with parent and associate companies and providing a platform for long-term growth. Leveraging the success of its prior acquisitions, Lorex was well-positioned to expand its offerings with the acquisition of WhittakerTech while preserving continuity in products and services that had already been established through a strong customer base.

WhittakerTech is now fully integrated within the Lorex family, sharing made-for-business precision technology which includes top-notch video surveillance systems, IP security cameras, advanced digital video recorders (DVRs), home automation solutions and more. The combined entities boast highly sought-after product capabilities and services no other company can match.

With the full force of Lorex’s resources supporting WhittakerTech’s existing competencies in security system development and installation services, customers experience reliable state-of-the-art protection for their business or home along with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their professionals are fully backed by an industry leader.

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Impact of the Acquisition on WhittakerTech

The acquisition of Lorex Technology by WhittakerTech has had a notable impact on the business operations of both companies. WhittakerTech has benefited from the acquisition by accessing Lorex’s technological expertise and established customer base. This provided WhittakerTech with an immediate boost in capabilities and market presence, and has helped them expand their position across various industries.

Lorex Technologies’ existing product range, customer service team and sales resources have been integrated into the broader operations of WhittakerTech, facilitating the rapid expansion of products, markets and services offered by both companies. In addition, the acquisition provided Lorex Technology with access to more capital for research & development, enabling them to develop state-of-the-art solutions that are reliable and cost-efficient.

Overall, both companies have benefitted from their combined operations as part of this acquisition agreement; this would not have been possible if each company operated independently. With further strategic planning, cooperation and integration between the two entities it is expected that there will continue to be significant margin improvements over time as each company benefits from expertise within its ranks as well as the wider organisation.


To conclude, Lorex is a security company owned by WhittakerTech, a publicly traded company, whose shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol WTX. Both companies are recognized globally for their innovative developments in home and business security, as well as in providing professional installation services.

While each company is responsible for its products and services, their partnership allows for more refined products for end-users and smarter overall options for those looking to increase their security. With this collaboration, customers can rely on both companies to provide reliability and quality – no matter which brand they choose.

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