Shopify merchants can now send more personalized texts to customers using Postscript, a text marketing platform that recently raised $65 million in venture capital.

Postscript is an automated messaging platform that enables merchants to send personalized texts tailored to their customers with data-driven insights.

This article will guide through the features and benefits of Postscript that Shopify merchants should consider when trying to grow their business.

Overview of Postscript

Postscript is a popular marketing software designed to help Shopify merchants create and manage campaigns across multiple channels. The platform enables merchants to create highly targeted, personalised campaigns that drive more sales and empower customers to engage with their brands. It also brings shop owners effortless setup and seamless integration with their existing Shopify store, allowing them to reach a larger audience easily and conveniently.

Postscript’s features include:

  • Advanced analytics.
  • Automated message triggers.
  • Powerful segmentation capabilities.
  • Powerful API integrations.
  • Customizable workflows.
  • Tailored message schedules and powerful multi-channel capabilities.

With Postscript’s user-friendly dashboard, shop owners can easily monitor the progress of their campaigns and track marketing performance in real time. In addition, they can measure effectiveness by tracking metrics such as customer engagement rate, conversion rate, and ROI.

Additionally, Postscript provides valuable insights into customer journey analytics including detailed information about purchase intent for each unique shopper profile and recommendations for future messaging optimization.

Overall Postscript provides a comprehensive suite of features that enable Shopify merchants to increase sales by engaging customers through personalized experiences based on predictive insights.

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Benefits of Using Postscript

Postscript is a powerful new tool that helps Shopify merchants take their business to the next level with more personalized texts. With Postscript, Shopify merchants can now send their customers automated texts with personalized messages.

Recently, Postscript received an injection of $65M in funding to help the platform become even more useful for Shopify merchants.

In this article, we will discuss the features and benefits of Postscript for Shopify merchants.

Increased customer engagement

Postscript provides Shopify merchants with an effective platform for increased customer engagement. Postscript enables you to leverage automated customer outreach strategies without dedicating much of your team’s time and resources to developing a comprehensive plan.

With Postscript, you can personalize messages for different customer segments and test out messages quickly across segments so that you can pinpoint what resonates with them the most. Furthermore, Postscript will enable Shopify merchants to send targeted messages based on past purchases and abandoned cart data, allowing them to build relationships while bringing customers back again and again.

Automating customer outreach makes it easier than ever to reach customers with relevant messaging through many channels like email, SMS, Instagram ads, & more.

Improved customer loyalty

Postscript works to improve customer loyalty by tracking which users engage with post-purchase messages. This allows merchants to assess customer behavior and tailor follow-up messages accordingly. For example, if someone takes advantage of an offer in a post-purchase message but doesn’t complete their purchase, they can be sent an additional enticing offer. With Postscript, merchants can keep customers returning for more by personalizing their messages and creating loyalty programs tailored to individual customers.

The platform also utilizes a sophisticated scoring system that uses machine learning to predict customer behavior patterns, allowing merchants to better understand their existing customer base. The platform factors in data such as customer lifetime values, buying frequency, product history and more so merchants can accurately target customers who will most likely engage with their post-purchase campaigns.

In addition, Postscript provides the tools necessary for merchants to create loyalty programs that reward returning customers with discounts or other offers. This way, merchants can maximize the value of each returning visitor and turn them into loyal brand evangelists who are actively promoting their products or services.

Increased customer retention

One of the main advantages of using Postscript for Shopify merchants is the ability to increase customer retention. With Postscript, Shopify merchants can send out automated SMS & email campaigns to existing customers, engaging contacts in personalized conversations that encourages repeat purchases and allows them to keep in touch with their loyal customers.

Postscript also allows Shopify merchants to target specific message types and customer segments, so each message is properly tailored for their unique needs and audience. In addition, since messages are automated, merchants can save time by not having to log in every day and manually send out messages via email or text.

Using Postscript, Shopify stores can analyze how effective certain campaigns were and make improvements accordingly. They can also identify how often shoppers purchase particular items as well as get an understanding of what type of messages drive more conversions. This data can be used as a guide for creating future campaigns that will increase customer retention and sales growth in the long run.

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Postscript takes in $65M so Shopify merchants can send more personalized texts to customers

Postscript has recently announced a major funding round of $65M to help Shopify merchants send more personalized texts to customers.

With this investment, merchants can access a powerful communications platform with many features and benefits.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the features and benefits of Postscript for Shopify merchants.

Automated text campaigns

Shopify merchants can use the Postscript automation feature to send engagement and re-engagement text messages. Automated postscript campaigns can be based on specific user segments, including customers who responded positively or negatively to a previous campaign. These automated texts can then be sent at a specified time and sent in sequence, helping to keep customers engaged throughout their journey.

The Postscript platform also provides detailed analytics for each text campaign so merchants can track how customers engage with their text messages and make changes accordingly. For example, merchants can view metrics such as open rate, link clicks, conversation rate, and conversions all on a single dashboard. This way, marketers can optimize marketing strategies to ensure maximum ROI from each campaign.

Customizable templates

Merchants looking to leverage the power of Postscript can choose from a wide range of customizable templates to meet their specific needs. In addition, all Postscript templates can be customized with different fonts, colors, images, and layouts. This gives merchants the flexibility and control to fit Postscript into their brand design and messaging aesthetic.

Moreover, merchants can customize template content for each segment or micro-segment of customers by creating multiple unique messages and customizing the calls-to-action displayed on each template. As a result, merchants have the tools to truly personalize the customer experience from start to finish with creative yet informative messaging that drives conversions.

Finally, merchants are not limited to a single template or set of pre-made templates; they have full access and control over their message creation process – allowing them to create custom HTML designs as needed. Furthermore, this makes it easy for merchants to adjust messages whenever needed- ensuring that each in-app message is fresh and up-to-date for every new visitor or user.

Real-time analytics

Postscript integrates with your Shopify store to provide powerful insights and analytics on real-time customer behavior. For example, with Postscript you can easily keep track of conversion data, such as when and where customers convert, which product they purchase, what pages they view, and more. This data can improve your strategies, targeting the right audience with the right product at the right time.

Postscript also supports product page re-targeting which allows you to reach out to customers who have visited a product page but didn’t make a purchase. You can invite these customers back with personalized emails or text messages based on their interests or behaviors. This helps increase customer loyalty, build trust in your brand, and encourages repeat purchases from valuable customers.

Postscript also gives you access to key metrics like total sales, average order volume (AOV), average cost per acquisition (CPC) and return on ad spend (ROAS). By understanding this data you can adjust your marketing strategies to maximize results while maintaining budget parameters. It also provides an effective way to measure the performance of campaigns over time to ensure that you are always gaining positive ROI from your marketing efforts.

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How Shopify Merchants Can Use Postscript

Postscript is a platform that Shopify merchants can use to send personalized text messages to customers. Its goal is to help merchants increase their conversions with personalized text messages. Through Postscript, merchants can benefit from increased customer engagement and improved customer loyalty.

By taking in $65 million in funding from venture capitalists, Postscript can provide Shopify merchants with a powerful tool to help increase sales.

Let’s look at some of the features and benefits of Postscript for Shopify merchants.

Set up automated campaigns

Shopify merchants can use Postscript to set up automated campaigns. This automated feature is a powerful tool to help Shopify merchants market their products and services quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

By setting up an automated campaign, you can create personalized experiences for each customer and identify the right message, audience and tone best suited to that customer’s situation. Once a campaign set up is complete, Postscript will handle it for you, automatically sending messages at the precise interval identified in the campaign setup process (i.e., one message per month). Additionally, with its intuitive A/B testing capabilities, you can understand which messages work best for each audience segment.

Automated campaigns help Shopify merchants ensure their message reaches their account base continuously without manual interference. With its sophisticated technology incorporating machine learning algorithms and intelligent predictive analytics, Postscript makes it easy to craft campaigns that target customers for maximum engagement. It also integrates seamlessly with Shopify Plus allowing retailers to maximize profits by quickly finding profitable opportunities within their own Shopify accounts.

Moreover, its powerful campaign segmentation capabilities allow merchants to capture relevant data when customers purchase an item or visit specific pages on the merchant’s website or make a certain action such as adding a product to cart -all of which enable more effective marketing decisions in terms of frequency and content optimization reducing time wasted setting up single-use marketing processes or campaigns manually – vital time saved while still ensuring powerful results are gained from every email sent out.

Create personalized messages

Postscript offers a powerful way to send personalized text messages to your customers. With this feature, you can address customers by their first name, send them exclusive discounts or deals, and provide other relevant information that may interest them.

Postscript also allows you to segment your customers based on their past orders, the type of products they buy, or any other identifier. This makes it easy for you to tailor your messages so they’re more likely to engage with them.

What’s more, Postscript can detect when a customer is near one of your stores and trigger a message using location intelligence technology — making it even easier for you to reach out in an even more personal manner.

Postscript also gives Shopify merchants access to powerful analytics which allow them to track the effectiveness of their messages and tailor future ones accordingly.

Monitor campaign performance

Using Postscript, Shopify merchants can get the most from their ad spend with the ability to monitor the effectiveness of campaigns. Postscript breaks down campaigns into channels so you can quickly understand your customer’s journey and make data-driven decisions to drive higher ROI.

You’ll be able to track how much money is spent on how many users are acquired and optimize your campaigns with granular control over automated or manual bidding. Additionally, merchants gain insight into user behavior by drilling into detailed post-install analytics about customer lifetime value and activation rate.

For a comprehensive understanding of cost per customer acquisition, merchants using Postscript can easily identify what works and what doesn’t across their mobile marketing campaigns and view post engagement trends over time. In addition, businesses can look at aggregate reporting across channels without compromising on granular insights into individual marketing sources. As such, they can track growth while making informed decisions and gradually scaling up ad spend when necessary.


Postscript has revolutionized how Shopify merchants can send personalized texts to their customers. The ability to personalize messages with Postscript has enabled merchants to deepen relationships with their customers, increase order values, and maximize customer lifetime value.

In addition, the $65M investment from Postscript has further enabled merchants to maximize their reach by sending texts at scale with even more personalized messages.

With all the features and benefits of Postscript, it’s no surprise that it is quickly becoming a popular choice for Shopify merchants.

Summary of the benefits of Postscript for Shopify merchants

Postscript offers Shopify merchants an innovative solution to efficiently growing their business with automated and targeted SMS campaigns. Postscript uses Shopify’s existing data (like customers’ demographics such as age and location) to ensure that each message is sent to the right person at the right time. In addition, by personalizing each message, Postscript helps Shopify merchants engage customers more meaningfully.

The advantages of using Postscript include:

  • Increased customer success rate – Postscript analyzes shop data to identify product opportunities and sends automated messages with relevant recommendations, increasing customer purchase chances.
  • Low costs – With a pay-as-you-go model, Shopify merchants can use SMS in an affordable and cost effective way for any type of promotion or campaign.
  • Improved efficiency – Automated messages are faster than emails, allowing Shopify merchants to keep up with their customers quickly without manually targeting or scheduling messages.
  • Increased loyalty – With the ability to customize each SMS content, deliver promotional offers, and track activity over time – PostScript allows Shopify merchants to build long lasting relationships with their customers.

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