Before going through one after another “miraculous” diet, go to a nutritionist. But first, you should analyze your diet and lifestyle. Perhaps your extra pounds really require harsh measures, but most likely, the most general, classic recommendations and a dose of common sense will suffice. Are there tips that are useful to everyone who wants to lose weight by eating properly?

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Exclude Fats

Exclude fatty, smoked, salty, alcohol, soft drinks like cola, cakes and pastries, sweet buns, french fries, and other fast food from the diet. Instead of sour cream and especially mayonnaise, fill salads with low-fat kefir or yogurt. On the run, instead of a sandwich or hamburger, have a snack with an apple, pear, or banana.

Drink Water

Before you decide to play on 22Bet casino, start the morning with a glass of water – about half an hour before breakfast. Be sure to drink clean water during the day – at least two liters. Water helps cleanse the body, and if you learn to replace coke and sweet tea with water, you will kill two birds with one stone because you will consume noticeably fewer calories.

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Eat Fibre-Rich Food

Make sure your diet has enough fiber. Cereals, bran bread, and vegetables are the best friends of your intestines. They will help to remove toxins. In addition, fiber, passing through your body in transit, still creates a feeling of satiety. There are fewer calories in a bowl of porridge than in a hamburger and a glass of cola, but it will last for a long time!

Make a Schedule

It’s better to eat little and often than to eat to your heart’s content after a day of starving. Make a schedule – ideally, you need to eat five times a day – and try to stick to it. Your single serving should fit on a small plate. And never eat before bed.

Keep Track of Eating

At least for a few weeks, write down everything you eat. You will get a very clear and often unexpected picture of your diet, and, perhaps, the origins of the problem of excess weight will immediately become clearer.

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Be Active

One more piece of advice, not related to nutrition but no less important, is to get yourself physically active. You need to control your consumption. Be sure to walk, set aside two or three evenings a week for fitness, yoga, or strength training, and go dancing. You can choose what you like best. The main thing is an active lifestyle.