Many are wondering what the perfect website for doing business in the literal sense of the word is?! Really, the question is more relevant than ever! The fact is that online business is a real trend in modern society that will never go out of fashion. That is why it is so important to establish a new business and develop an existing one through the Internet. In this case, you should contact only real professionals:, who understand IT technologies, modern web design, current marketing direction, creating concepts for well-known brands much more. Request a portfolio and find out the details – you will definitely like it.

What are The Points to Consider When Designing The Perfect Website for Running An Online Business?

The business world is constantly changing, but something remains the same – the Internet and its rapid development. Customer service, online services, online shopping, and leisure activities, in general, have become commonplace for many people around the world. But in order for the business to flourish, you still cannot pass by the checklist (with TOP 30 points) that will help create the online dream resource of any brand or company:

  1. Optimize the online resource for absolutely all types of electronic devices (phones, smartphones, PCs, laptops, tablets, or even multi-inch TVs that can be connected to Wi-Fi).
  2. Mandatory presence of the “Cart” icon. Such an icon should really be available on all web pages of any online store (even when switching from one product to another).
  3. Utility that allows you to place an order in wholesale or retail. The icon should be visible right in front of the user’s eyes.
  4. Easy navigation, which consists of a prominent search bar. The search must be present on any of the web pages.
  5. The ability, if necessary, to completely clear the navigation menu (for example, if the user constantly uses the online store, then there may be a lot of entered requests, and they will somewhat interfere with searching for new products).
  6. Contact details. They should be highlighted on the site, so the information should always be visible (presented on every page, even when switching to other web pages).
  7. Maintain customer confidence. We are talking about the fact that from time to time you need to provide discounts, and organize promotional codes, thereby increasing the confidence of visitors.
  8. The presence of a logo. Any company or brand should have its own logo – this is completely normal and even prestigious. But, as practice shows, the logo must be unique, and it is better to patent it.
  9. Strong calls to action. Users should understand that it is on this site that they find what they need, and thanks to phrases like “Hurry up to buy – only two units left in stock at a low price,” they will definitely attract their attention.
  10. Cool photos. As you know, photographs should not only be bright and clear but also better, so that they attract emotionally – they are funny, cheerful, and pushing to buy.
  11. Connect creative features, for example, “Today’s Recommended Product” and “This Week’s Best Sellers.” These chips will help in sales.
  12. Use pictures to support sales calls. For example, a cool design of such an ad on an online resource will attract attention, and the desire to buy a product will definitely increase.
  13. Description of categories of goods. In any modern online store, categories with products are always shortly labeled in order to understand what can be found.
  14. Demonstration of the availability of goods in stock. For example, when switching to one or another product on the web page, you can immediately indicate the number of products that are in stock. This will immediately help a person understand how many units can be bought right now.
  15. Filtering function. It is necessary in order to sort different products and quickly find the product you need.
  16. Selection of bestsellers. On websites, owners often launch moving lines with images and text content that allow you to understand which products have become a favorite for, for example, this week for customers.
  17. Rating from the client. The option where a customer can click on one of the five stars to evaluate a purchase in an online store is a prestigious one today. It must be included when designing a website.
  18. “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” buttons must be present on web pages.
  19. The button that will allow you to postpone the purchase is important, but thereby add it to a special “List of further purchases.”
  20. The feature associated with the “Upsell” button is also quite common lately.
  21. A brief overview of the product. In order not to write a lot of textual content, it is enough to describe the pros and main features – clearly and little.
  22. Photos from all angles. For this, it is better to hire a photographer.
  23. Adding videos that are able to demonstrate the product.
  24. Demonstration of the estimated time for the delivery of the selected product.
  25. Using tabs for products that also include many elements.
  26. You should highlight a separate prominent block on the site for reviews for customers.
  27. If there are no more goods in the warehouse, it is necessary to indicate that “quantity is 0”, thereby orienting the client that the product for purchase is temporarily out of stock.
  28. It is necessary not to forget about adding a link so that the user can quickly and without problems “Return to the online store” if, for example, there was a failure, an interruption on the Internet, etc.
  29. Show shipping options. We are talking about courier delivery, targeted delivery to the place, postal delivery, as well as express delivery, which are the most popular.
  30. Be sure to include security icons so that users can be sure that using the site is absolutely safe.

Turning to a competent company you can count on many years of work experience, personalized work, and order fulfillment in a short period, taking into account all wishes. The online store will be made according to all the criteria of modern standards.