With the lack of access to business loans and all the market’s uncertainties, it is now the best time to support black businesses. Black restaurants often suffer from debts, revenue losses, and other adversities.

Luckily, as an owner or supporter of minority-owned businesses, there is a way for you to participate in the growth.

What Is the Black Restaurant Week?

The Black Restaurant Week first launched in 2016, starting as a food event in Houston. Three friends, Warren Luckett, Derek Robinson, and Falayn Ferrell, thought of the brilliant idea to bring people together to enjoy African, Caribbean, and African American food.

The idea was to showcase the impressive cuisines and support black-owned businesses. Chefs, food truck and restaurant owners, and anyone in the culinary world can participate, all thanks to this event that has expanded from a single location to involving over 1200 restaurants countrywide.

Why Is It a Great Idea?

When black Restaurant Week started, there were only 20 participants, but the number has grown to over a thousand. The aim is not only to serve food lovers delicious cuisines, but it is the perfect opportunity to support minority-owned businesses.

Food lovers can learn about hidden gems they never knew about and discover talents from all over the vast country. There is no better place for a black business owner to advertise and reach a larger market. You can also get support to build your small venture, especially after the devastating effects of the pandemic.

What To Expect

If you can’t get enough of exotic cuisines and always want to try out foods from all over the world, Black Restaurant Week is the chance of the year. You can grab a bite of delicious food while supporting underappreciated black-owned restaurants.

You have an array of cafés and food trucks that you may never have known and unique recipes from different parts of the globe from wherever you are in the country. You can check out when the event is coming to your location and plan to participate.

BRW Events

There are several activities involved in Black Restaurant Week. For instance, you can get free registration, grants, inclusion in the culinary directory website, and development training as a new business owner. Thanks to the culinary showcase and online marketplace, you will also get exposure to more opportunities.

Don’t Miss Out

Studies on the effects of the pandemic on black-owned businesses are worrying, but thanks to Black Restaurant Week, there is a way to find and offer support. Whether you are a food enthusiast or want to see business people from your minority community thrive, this is the best way to get involved.