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It was really a thrill to see That Bites!  being shown at a local independent school, Baker Demonstration School (Evanston, IL) as a way to promote awareness and educate their school community about food allergies.  The Head of School explained that the Baker community has a particularly high incidence of food allergic children (about 10%!) and feels that education about this important topic is a positive thing for their teachers and community.  Jack was asked to speak on a panel following the screening – along with a local allergist (Dr. Debbie Pockross, who appears in the film briefly since she is Jack’s allergist!) and local pediatrician/allergy mom Dr. Jessica Grygotis. It was a great forum for food allergy parents, children and the community to discuss and understand the issues.  If you would be interested in arranging a showing at your school, please contact us through the website!


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